Cannabis done correctly.


HighZenBear is an all organic, green, and sustainable laboratory grade extraction company. All material is hand selected from premium organically cultivated cannabis and carefully rendered down to it’s purest form, free from petrochemicals, pesticides and fungicides. It is the essence of medical grade cannabis and the choice of connoisseurs and those looking for palpable healing.

Honey Bear Flower Farms

Honey Bear Flower Farms is a boutique brand of high quality, organically cultivated cannabis flowers. From laboratory conditions in our indoor cultivation spaces to environmentally controlled greenhouses under sunlight, HBFF proudly produces some of the finest cannabis in California. HBFF grows award winning strains from Platinum Girl Scouts to Diamond OG and focuses on providing a rich tapestry of flavors, unmatched trichome production and a nose that is unmistakably bold and potent. All strains test in the mid-twenties or higher and come with unmatched quality assurance, lab-tested by SC Labs.

Hush Vapes Systems

Hush Vape Systems is the full spectrum design, engineering and manufacturing division of all things vape. The company has extensive contacts from Shenzhen, China to Bangladesh and offers a wide range of OEM and made to order packaging products that can suit anyone getting into the cannabis vape arena. Quality control, in a manufacturing environment is what Hush Vape excels at. Customer satisfaction is always the measuring stick of performance.

Quality Cannabis Medicines

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